This page contains brief descriptions of studies and other resources that are still relevant to the regional transportation goals and objectives. Older and/or obsolete documents may be found on the ARCHIVES page. Click on the title of the document to see the document or (for plans completed by other entities) see the webpage for that plan . The plans are listed in alphabetical order:

Benton County ADA Transition Plan (2019):

Benton County conducted a self-evaluation of its facilities within public rights of way and developed this transition plan detailing how the county will ensure that all of those facilities are accessible to all individuals.

CSAH 75 Corridor Study between I-94 and 36th Street in Saint Cloud (2018):

This study was developed to better understand the existing and future traffic operations along County State Aid Highway (CSAH) 75 corridor between I-94 north to 36th Street South. The main questions in the study include: 1) Where should the corridor accommodate future full access points, knowing that 40th Street South will be connected someday as an east/west corridor between Trunk Highway (TH) 15 and CSAH 75, and 2) What other corridor improvements may be necessary along the corridor to provide acceptable traffic operations?

CSAH 75 Pedestrian Crossing Study in Saint Joseph (2017):

The purpose of this study was to understand existing conditions and to evaluate the feasibility of various ways to improve safe pedestrian and bicyclist crossing of CSAH 75 between CSAH 2 and 20th Avenue SE in Saint Joseph.

LeSauk Drive Corridor Study (2015):

The purpose of this study was to document existing and forecast conditions and evaluate the feasibility of alternatives to improve traffic flow, safety, and operations along LeSauk Drive/Dehler Drive and Stearns County State Aid Highway (CSAH) 1.

LeSauk Townline Road Feasibility Study (2015):

This study evaluated various alternatives for pavement maintenance and rehabilitation of Townline Road from Stearns CSAH 4 in the City of Sartell to Stearns CSAH 5 in the City of Saint Stephen. Pavement inspections were performed and the resulting pavement ratings were utilized in considering various improvement options along the corridor. Cost estimates were also prepared for the recommended improvements and potential funding options were explored.

Metro Bus Long Range Transit Plan (2015):

This document establishes a menu of future service and capital expansion options for Metro Bus.

Minnesota GO Statewide Family of Plans:

This page includes all plans within the GO family of plans.

On-The-Road Bicycle Facilities Report (2016):

This report assists regional cities and counties in identifying, planning and implementing their own on-the-road bicycle connections within their respective communities. It is meant for informational and advisory purposes and is currently not tied to any future projects, improvements, or funding.

Regional Freight Framework (2018):

This review includes an assessment of freight activity in the Metropolitan Planning Area (MPA), a summary of the existing freight networks, and a proposed network of local roads to be designated as key links in the regional freight network.

Regional Multimodal Transportation Operations Supplemental Data and Analysis (2018):

This report summarizes an investigation of performance measures for the APO in advance of the update of the 2045 Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP).

Regional Pavement Data Collection and Pavement Management Study (2015):

The APO conducted a Pavement Management Study to help meet performance-based planning requirements regarding pavement condition. The study created a baseline for tracking pavement conditions and helped inform investment decisions to maintain the system in a state of good repair.

Regional Transportation Coordination Council (RTCC) Phase I Planning (2019):

This effort attempted to define the form and function of an RTCC to improve coordination between various transit service providers and to improve mobility for everyone.

Regional 2045 Population Forecasts (2017):

This memorandum provided an overview of current growth and population, a breakdown of the population forecast methodology, descriptions of forecast results, and a brief discussion of important considerations and next steps.

Return on Investment for Performance Measure for Transportation Projects (2019):

This report investigates the potential to define a return-on-investment performance measure for surface transportation projects within the MPA.

Roadway Pavement Condition Report (2019):

This report documents and maps the pavement condition for major roadways across the region.

Saint Cloud Downtown Streetscaping Plan (2016):

This plan establishes a consistent design and character for public design elements in order to support continued downtown vibrancy and economic vitality.

Sartell 15th Street North Corridor Study (2016):

Part of the city’s future transportation network includes the extension of 15th Street North between Pinecone Road and 30th Avenue North (Townline Road/75th Avenue). This study was a proactive measure to better understand the feasibility of the extension.

Shared-Use Path Pavement Condition Report (2020):

This report documents the pavement roughness for the regions shared-use paths and maps the pavement condition by jurisdiction.

Stearns County ADA Transition Plan (2017):

Stearns County conducted a self-evaluation of its facilities within public rights of way and developed this transition plan detailing how the county will ensure that all of those facilities are accessible to all individuals.

Transportation Performance Monitoring Report (2019):

This annual report documents how the region’s transportation systems are performing relative to selected measures of performance.

Travel Demand Model Calibration Report (2018):

This memorandum describes the process used to recalibrate and validate the APO’s travel demand model (TDM) to year base year 2015.

Travel Demand Model Improvements (2020):

This document is a combination of 8 different technical memos summarizing changes and improvements made to the APO’s regional travel demand model.

Trunk Highway 15 Corridor Study (2020):

This study examines current operational issues on TH-15 between 2nd Street South and 12th Street North in St. Cloud and identifies three technically feasible solutions.

Urban Belt Line Corridor Plans (circa 2005):

This page contains links to various documents regarding the development of an arterial ring-road around the metropolitan area.

US-10 Pedestrian Crossing Report (2016):

As part of an effort to increase the amount of community involvement in the design phase of state highway construction, MnDOT asked the APO to assist in identifying issues and starting conversations at the local level about current and potential future bicycle and pedestrian movements in and around the future US-10 and TH-23 interchange reconstruction project.