Greater Minnesota Transit Investment Plan (2017):

This plan connects the vision, goals, and strategies from the 2010-2030 Greater Minnesota Transit Plan to the funding that each public transit system receives. The plan serves as both a modal and investment plan and aligns with the state’s 50-year vision and the Statewide Multimodal Transportation Plan.

Minnesota Statewide Bicycle System Plan (2016):

This plan represents MnDOT’s vision and goals for bicycle transportation, implementation strategies, and performance measures to evaluate progress toward achieving this vision.

Minnesota Statewide Freight System and Investment Plan (2018):

This plan describes Minnesota’s freight transportation system and its role in the state’s economy; current and emerging industry trends; the performance of the freight transportation system; and current and future issues and needs. This plan also includes Minnesota’s Freight Action Agenda for MnDOT and its partners to advance a number of strategies that will improve the efficiency, safety and reliability of the freight system.

Minnesota GO:

This is the State’s 50-year vision for transportation.

Minnesota State Highway Investment Plan (2017):

MnSHIP directs capital investment for Minnesota’s state highway system. The plan must identify investment priorities given current and expected funding. This MnSHIP update spans the 20-year planning period from 2018 to 2037.

Minnesota Statewide Multimodal Transportation Plan (2022):

This plan evaluates the status of the transportation system, what’s changing, and how we’re going to move forward over the next 20 years.

Minnesota Statewide Pedestrian System Plan (2016):

This plan defines MnDOT’s role in improving places for people to walk along and across the state highway system, documenting lessons learned in Minnesota walks and through new engagement opportunities.

Minnesota Statewide Ports and Waterways Plan (2014):

Minnesota’s marine freight system—including river and lake ports, commercially navigable waterways and related infrastructure — plays a vital role in the state’s multimodal freight transportation system, and in the economic competitiveness of Minnesota’s communities. This is the first-ever plan for the ports and waterways system in Minnesota.

Minnesota Statewide Rail Plan (2015):

The purpose of this plan is to guide the future of both freight and passenger (intercity) rail systems and rail services in the state. The development of the plan was jointly undertaken by the Minnesota Department of Transportation’s Office of Freight and Commercial Vehicle Operations (OFCVO) and the Passenger Rail Office.

Minnesota Statewide Regional ITS Architecture (2018):

Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) are electronics, communications, or information processing systems or services used singly or in combination to improve the safety and efficiency of the surface transportation system. The goal of this project is to provide maintenance support to the Minnesota Statewide Regional Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Architecture by updating the current architecture in conformance with the latest version of the National ITS Architecture. This includes updating the architecture documentation and the architecture database using the latest Turbo Architecture software. This plan represents a shared vision of how each agency’s systems work together by sharing information and resources to enhance transportation safety, efficiency, capacity, mobility, reliability, and security.