Staff Directory

Brian Gibson

Executive Director


Responsible for:

  • Unified Planning Work Program
  • Consultant procurement and project management
  • Regional economic development and freight movement issues
  • Policy Board agendas

Vicki Johnson

Senior Planner


Responsible for:

  • Metropolitan Transportation Plan development
  • Transportation Improvement Program development
  • Technical Advisory Committee agendas
  • Supervising and guiding the Associate Planner

Alex McKenzie

Associate Planner


Responsible for:

  • Active Transportation
  • Active Transportation Advisory Committee agendas and support
  • Stakeholder Engagement Plan
  • Public outreach activities



James Stapfer

Planning Technician


Responsible for:

  • Transportation data
  • Travel Demand Model (TDM)
  • Performance measures, target setting, and progress reporting
  • Geographic Information Systems

Trina Ness

Administrative Assistant


Responsible for:

  • General administrative support for all staff
  • Working miracles
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Vision Statement and Goals

The APO is committed to coordinated planning – in a fair and mutually beneficial manner – on select issues transcending jurisdictional boundaries for the betterment of the entire Saint Cloud Metropolitan Planning Area. This mission is accomplished through professional planning initiatives, the provision of objective information, and building collaborative partnerships that foster consensus.

The APO strives to be:

  • Public service oriented by providing accountability to constituents and exhibiting the highest standards of ethical conduct.
  • Creative problem solvers by anticipating potential challenges and developing creative solutions based on professional knowledge, public involvement, and collaboration with our partners.
  • Continuous learners who constantly seek new information, knowledge, and skills to better serve the Saint Cloud Metropolitan Planning Area.