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Safe Routes to School

About Safe Routes to School (SRTS)

Safe Routes to School is an effort to improve walking and bicycling conditions for youth and to encourage more active lifestyles. SRTS programs improve safety, reduce traffic and improve air quality near schools through a multidisciplinary approach that is structured around the 6 E’s.


Prioritizing positive outcomes for students from lower-income households; Black, Indigenous, and other students of color; students with disabilities; and other students who face disproportionate barriers to walking, biking, and rolling to school.


Working with students, families, school staff, and community members and organizations, especially those from priority Equity groups, to create and implement Safe Routes to School initiatives.


Developing Equity-focused changes to the built environment, designed and prioritized through community engagement.


Providing students and other community members, especially those from priority Equity groups, with skills and knowledge about walking, biking, and rolling.


Normalizing a culture of walking, biking, and rolling through incentive programs, events, and activities that center on priority Equity groups.


Measuring how Safe Routes to School initiatives are implemented (process evaluation) and what their impacts are (outcome evaluation), especially how initiatives Engage with and support priority Equity groups.



Saint Cloud School District ISD 742 SRTS Plans


SchoolYear Plan Completed
Saint Cloud School District 742 Overall Plan2019
Discovery Community School2019
Kennedy Community School2022
Madison Elementary School2019
North Junior High2019
Oak Hill Community School2022
South Junior High2019
Talahi Community School2019
Lincoln Elementary School2023
Westwood Elementary School2023


Sartell-Saint Stephen School District ISD 748 SRTS Plans


SchoolYear Plan Completed
Pine Meadow Primary and Sartell Middle School2014