What is the APO?

The APO is a multi-jurisdictional coordinating and planning body. We bring the cities and counties of the region together to discuss and address mutual problems, especially in the area of transportation.

How is the APO funded?

The majority of our annual budget – about 65%, but it can vary from year-to-year – comes from Federal grants through the USDOT. About another 10% comes from the State of Minnesota in the form of a MnDOT planning grant. The remainder comes from assessments that we levy on our member jurisdictions. Each jurisdictions’ share is determined by an agreed-to formula based on population. For more information on our annual budget, visit our Unified Planning Work Program.

Who does APO staff work for?

APO staff are not city employees, nor county employees, nor State employees, nor Federal employees. Since the APO is created by a Joint Powers Agreement, staff work for the APO Policy Board which is comprised of officials from all of the member jurisdictions.