Updating and Completing the Planning

The last planning effort for a potential Mississippi River bridge crossing in south Saint Cloud ended in 2005, with four potential alignments being considered. The corridor is envisioned as part of an urban beltline arterial encircling the metropolitan urban area core. All four potential alignments connected to the intersection of 33rd Street South and Roosevelt Road (CSAH 75). However, a preferred bridge alignment and the preferred alignment of a roadway connection to US-10 in Sherburne County were never settled upon.

Growth is occurring west and east of the Mississippi River. Ideally, property owners, developers, cities, townships, and counties should be accounting for the “preferred alignment(s)” in their land use planning decisions. This planning effort will update the existing conditions by identifying potential economic, political, social, and environmental consequences of the potential alignments to determine which, if any, are still viable. It is possible that one or more new, viable potential alignments may be identified as part of this process. This planning update will also identify suitable alignments for the connection or bypass of local street connections to the new corridor at Clearwater Road, CSAH 75 backage road, Brook Lane, Lancewood Drive, CR-8, and 35th Avenue Southeast. The expected outcomes are to:

  • identify and evaluate all possible alignments;
  • identify one or two “preferred alignments”;
  • delineate right of way needs for those alignments;
  • identify access to adjoining parcels;
  • create schematic concepts for how the local streets will connect; and
  • identify preservation/protection strategies.

It is not anticipated that formal environmental review documentation will be part of this planning effort, but would instead be initiated following the completion of this planning update.

The main task of the project is to update the state of planning for a potential future Mississippi River Bridge and roadway connecting the intersection of 33rd Street South/Roosevelt Road with US-10.

Study Deliverables So Far:

Background Report

Draft Goals

Early Draft Alternatives

Final Study Document

Previous Planning Studies & Analysis

2005 Planning Doc

2045 Urban Beltline Model Results