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Opportunity Drive Operation Study

Planning Study

Aerial photo of Opportunity Drive Study Area

Aerial Photo of Opportunity Drive Study Area

Opportunity Drive (CSAH 75) is a four-lane divided major collector that transitions into a two-lane undivided roadway south of 8th Avenue/Glenn Carlson Drive. Traffic counts west of the I-94 interchange show 4,400 AADT in 2017 and 310 HCAADT in 2020. The APO does not have traffic counts west of the interchange, but they are likely very different.

The Opportunity Drive business park in the City of St. Cloud is home to a number of large employers and major generators/attractors of freight traffic, including New Flyer, Anderson Trucking Service, FedEx Ground, and Artic Cat. Almost all access to the business park is via the Opportunity Drive interchange with I-94. But, some big changes are in store for the business park. The City is in the process of extending Heatherwood Road to connect to the business park. Also, it was recently announced that Associated Wholesale Grocers is opening a new warehouse in 2022, and Amazon has also announced plans to open a warehouse in the business park. Given these major developments, the City of Saint Cloud and Stearns County wish to conduct a planning study of current and probable future operations of Opportunity Drive from the I-94 interchange to at least 74th Street. The purpose would be to identify any current operational deficiencies interfering with the smooth and efficient flow of traffic (including heavy commercial vehicles) and make recommendations for improvements. In addition, the jurisdictions also wish to assess potential future operations along the corridor given the pending development and changes that will soon be impacting the area in order to mitigate any potential future operational deficiencies. Future scenarios should also consider general anticipated growth in the urban area population and associated traffic. A full build-out growth scenario for the land-use in the study area should also be performed as part of this study.

The APO maintains a regional Travel Demand Model (TDM), which is based in CUBE. The most recent forecast completed using the model was a for year 2045. The APO will make the model available to the successful respondent for use in this project.