Planning Study

This study would cover Mayhew Lake Road in Benton County from the intersection at MN-23 to the intersection with CSAH 29/35th Street NE. Mayhew Lake Road is a minor arterial with a current ADT of 5,900 vehicles. In the current Metropolitan Transportation Plan, the corridor is slated to be widened from a 2-lane rural section to a 4-lane undivided section at some point in the next 25 years.

The City of Sauk Rapids is experiencing development growth adjacent to this corridor and some access and safety problems are starting to develop. This study should examine existing infrastructure and operations along the corridor paying particular attention to existing and potential safety issues. The study should also consider adjacent future land-uses and corridor operations and analyze for potential safety and/or access concerns under future conditions.

At the one of the existing Sauk Rapids-Rice High School access points with Mayhew Lake Road, a severe accident occurred last school year and many undocumented near misses have been noted. This study should pay particular attention to existing access points with the Sauk Rapids-Rice High School, and additional consideration should be given to pedestrian access along and crossing the corridor. A determination of future active transportation needs should be made.

Further, prospective consultants should include in their proposals an optional stand-alone module for examining high school traffic circulation patterns and making recommendation(s) for changing, adding, or subtracting access to Mayhew Lake Road, Golden Spike Road, and potentially other roadways (under future conditions) AND for making changes to roadways on school property in order to provide for improved safety and more efficient traffic circulation for students, staff, and faculty. This module focusing on the high school property will not be funded using Federal planning dollars and the proposed budget for the module would be over and above the $100,000 budget for the Mayhew Lake Road Corridor study. This module would be funded using local dollars only and would only be completed if the school and local jurisdictions felt there was sufficient value in doing so based on the proposed scope-of-work and budget for the module.

The results of this corridor study will be an assessment of current and potential future problems, and possible present-day and future alternatives to improve safety. The study should develop strategies and recommendations to guide City, County, and school district planners toward effective safety strategies and access management for the long-term. The study should also address the needs of pedestrian access to the corridor and identify safe access/crossings.

Request for Proposals

Mayhew Lake Road Corridor Study


Q: Are we allowed to request a meeting with the Sauk Rapids-Rice school district?

A: In the interest of completing a fair procurement process and providing all potential respondents with the same information (aka, not giving anyone exclusive or “inside” information), you should NOT meet with the school district. Doing so could jeopardize your submittal.


Q: The RFP notes that the City of Sauk Rapids is now updating its comprehensive plan and that the future land-use conditions will be available early in the Mayhew Lake Rd planning process. Is the APO’s model being updated with the land use changes being included in the city’s comp plan? If yes, will future traffic volume projections based on the revised land uses be available for this study?

A: We will be recalibrating our Travel Demand Model (TDM) in 2022 to Base Year 2020 (see separate RFP). However, we do not expect that effort to be completed before the consultant will need the TDM for the Mayhew Lake Road Corridor Study. Therefore, our previous (Base Year 2015) TDM is the model that the consultant would use for this corridor study. APO staff will not be updating the 2015 model to reflect the city’s new Comprehensive Plan – we would expect the incorporate those changes into the new (Base Year 2020) TDM.


Q: The RFP uses DBE participation as an evaluation criterion. Will our proposal be disqualified if it does not include a DBE?

A: The official State goal for this RFP is a Race-and-Gender-Neutral procurement. However, the APO has decided to included DBE participation in the evaluation up to a maximum of 10 points. Not including DBE participation in your proposal would not disqualify your proposal – that is, we would still evaluate your proposal – but it would mean that you would not be competing for those 10 DBE points in the evaluation process.