Planning Study


Active transportation (such as bicycling, walking, or any other form of human-powered, non-motorized transportation) serves multiple purposes. First, an automobile or bus is not always the most efficient, cost-effective form of transportation, especially for short trips. Second, active transportation is relatively inexpensive transportation and can be vital for financially-stressed households. Third, active transportation helps the community meet not only mobility goals, but also public health goals and ecological goals.

The regional Active Transportation Plan is intended to be a deep dive into the specific and sometime peculiar barriers and opportunities that face this particular form of transportation. The goal of the plan is to identify specific projects or policies that will help improve the active transportation environment throughout the region and facilitate convenient and safe active trips for all needs and purposes.

What Is Happening Now?

APO staff is currently collecting and analyzing data about active transportation in the region and updating our maps of active transportation infrastructure, such as bike paths, bike lanes, and sidewalks. They are also collecting and reviewing current ordinances and policies from our jurisdictional partners with an eye toward identifying any barriers or opportunities that may be present at that level.

Then What?

APO staff will use their analysis of the data and ordinances to engage the general public and have a discussion about how well (or not) the active transportation infrastructure/environment is serving them. Then, both the analyses and the public comments will be used to help guide the remaining steps of the plan’s development.

How Can I Participate?

APO staff will soon develop a schedule of public input opportunities, which will be shown on this web page. Check back here over the next couple of months for more details. You can also monitor the APO’s Facebook page or sign up for our “Interested Persons” mailing list to be notified of public input opportunities. Just go to our GET INVOLVED page and use the SIGN UP TO STAY INFORMED form at the bottom of the page.